Welcome to Intercade!

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Welcome to Intercade!

Intercade is a unique PvP-based Minecraft server. While it hasn't been publicly released yet, our goal is to provide the best experience possible to players.
Intercade will feature a KitPvP game, where you select "kits" which contain a set of items, and run out there and try your best to crush your opponents with the items provided! Yes, it has been done a lot before, but the way we do it is different, unique, and fun! We provide a verity of items which have their own abilities which you can use to your advantage.


Intercade will feature what we believe hasn't been successfully done before. Grenades. But not just regular old, "explode people" grenades. We're talking about grenades that do cool stuff! Like turning the ground into ice and making your enemies slip and slide while you make your daring escape! Or maybe someone threw a fire grenade and you're trying to undo it. Or even a tall grass grenade, where you grow very tall grass where the grenade lands and your enemy gets lost in it and (hopefully) gives up trying to chase you!

Cool items

We plan to introduce fun, cool, and unique items. For example, think of a landmine. You place the landmine, and when a player steps on it, KABOOM! The item abilities will have cooldowns on them, so people don't spam the ability and wear it out. You will be able to upgrade these items in an in-game shop. Upgrades work in tiers, each item starting at "Tier I". The higher the tier, the better the item works during combat. Grenades will be unlikely to have cooldowns and upgrades, and will also be purchased separately rather than from a kit.

Don't miss out

Feel free to join our public Discord server, with the rest of our friendly community! The invite code is "rHGGHYy".
We would also love to see discussion on the forums about what you feel should be implemented, or anything in general about how you feel about the server! We hope to see you soon!


Join our public Discord server!